West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer

Helping Good People Through Hard Times with Compassion & Encouragement

Helping Good People Through Hard Times with Compassion & Encouragement

Helping Good People Through Hard Times with Compassion & Encouragement

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West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are considering filing for a Florida bankruptcy, you can count on the experience and legal knowledge of a West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer to guide you throughout the entire process. From asset preservation to debt discharge, Miceli Law, P.A. is always looking out for the best financial interest of you and your family at every critical point.

After determining if bankruptcy is right for you and filing either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition, our legal team will also tenaciously enforce automatic stay protections, which halt creditor harassment, foreclosures, and wage garnishments. It is time to embrace a fresh financial start. Contact Miceli Law to determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

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Bankruptcy is not as insurmountable as it appears when you have reputable legal representation on your side. Call Miceli Law, P.A. now, and request an initial consultation at no cost to you by calling (305) 515-5928.

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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Miceli Law, P.A. Finds the Right Solutions for You and Your Family

    A one-size-fits-all approach to bankruptcy does not work since no two financial situations are alike. The facts, circumstances, and objectives of your case will determine the strategy that your West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer will utilize.

    At Miceli Law, P.A., we provide comprehensive legal solutions to individuals and spouses who want to protect their rights and assets while emerging from bankruptcy with a fresh start.

    In general, bankruptcy does hurt your credit for a few years. However, you will exit with the reassurance in knowing you acted with prudence.

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may liquidate your non-exemptible assets while discharging most of your unsecured debts. Courts divide liquidation proceedings among creditors. It is a popular option since it requires no repayment plan.

    However, qualifying is a challenge for some individuals. If you earn at or below the average median income level in Florida based on household size, you automatically meet the income requirements for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Families, who have incomes above mandated thresholds, do not count yourself out yet. Courts allow you to participate in means testing, which allow you list some expenses which may allow you to qualify. If you pass means testing requirements, your Chpater 7 filing will not be considered an abuse and may proceed.

    Your West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer at Miceli Law, P.A. will thoroughly consider your entire financial situation to determine if you qualify.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    A Chapter 13 debt reorganization is available to those who do not qualify for a Chapter 7 or are trying to save their home or car. Rather than asset liquidation, the bankruptcy court may confirm your Chapter 13 plan which requires monthly payments for a three-to-five-year period.

    Once you complete this payment plan, you no longer owe any money on your listed general unsecured debts, even if balances remain as thses debts will be discharged. However, this process generally involves careful planning and timing since inadequate insight into these areas may result in mistakes.

    Do not take risky chances with your financial future. Discuss your legal opportunities and risks with a West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorney and execute a strategy that seeks to achieve an outcome that meets your financial objectives.

    Non-Dischargeable Debt Solutions

    You cannot discharge student loan debt through personal bankruptcy. However, there are other options available if your balances are severely straining your finances. Miceli Law, P.A. will help you determine if you qualify for other options, including income base repayment program, consolidation, or litigation.

    Discover How a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Help

    Learn more about your legal rights and opportunities by discussing your case with Miceli Law, P.A. Call us to request a Free Consultation at (305) 515-5928. You are also welcome to send a callback request here.

    Get a Fresh Start with Miceli Law, P.A.

    Once you decide to file for bankruptcy, hiring a West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer will protect your rights from the beginning and help you plan for the future. Our firm will help you file paperwork promptly and represent you at creditor meetings. You do not have to face the Southern Florida bankruptcy court or your creditors alone.

    Find out more about how you can get started on moving toward financial freedom. Call Miceli Law, P.A. for your Free, No-Obligation Consultation at (305) 515-5928.

    Prefer to message us? Send us a confidential note about your case here, and we will return your request within 24 business hours.

    Why Choose Us?

    • You’ll Have Direct Contact With Your Bankruptcy Attorney

    • We’re Always Prepared to Advocate for You

    • Your Case will Receive the Personalized Attention It Deserves

    • We Offer Free Consultations

    Consider Your Options with a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer

    When financial hardship strikes, your West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer will explain your legal options from the outset of our working together. You will have the crucial knowledge you need to understand debt discharge, asset retention, and the direction in which your case may go.

    West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Miceli Law, P.A. will also help you determine if bankruptcy is the most practical solution in the first place. If you are struggling to find trusted guidance, turn to our firm for legal help.

    While every case is different, bankruptcy may be right for you if you need help with:

    • Stopping collections calls from creditors
    • Retaining your essential assets and personal property
    • Obtaining a total or partial discharge of your unsecured debts
    • Passing the Chapter 7 means test requirement
    • Preventing the foreclosure or repossession of your assets
    • Receiving a fresh financial restart and peace of mind

    The most significant disadvantage of filing for bankruptcy is that credit bureaus report them and can negatively impact your credit history and score. However, it is still possible to start rebuilding your credit in as little as a year with certain types of lenders.

    While they will likely carry higher interest rates early on, you can recover your credit rating. Your West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer can provide more information regarding this aspect based on his or her experience.

    Putting Your Interests First

    Ultimately, bankruptcy may serve as a better option than managing the crushing weight of debt. Your West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer will not recommend that you file for bankruptcy if we do not believe that it is right for you. You will always receive legal advice from us that is truly in your and your family’s best interests throughout the entire process.

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